Saturday, February 11, 2017

Phoenix Flipping Houses For Profit: What's Trending?

Phoenix flipping houses for profit requires more than just knowledge about construction, contractors, and basic finances. On the tail end of the project, it is important to remember that the home must sell. This requires understanding of the big trends that consumers find appealing. While there are market wide trends, be sure not to just stay up to date on all the big trends, but also the trends that may appeal to your specific demographic.

Phoenix Flipping Houses For Profit
Phoenix Flipping Houses For Profit
A big trend right now is modern organization. In other words, furniture or spaces that don’t just look good but also have a lot of organization utility. Especially in the older homes many house flippers work with, there is not a lot of extra space. To make spaces look larger and more trendy, look for appliances and furniture that are engineered to take up little space or make the most of their space.

Brass finishes are looking better than ever. When designing the new kitchen or bathroom, try to picture dark counter tops and cabinets with a brass finish. Consumers love the gold color that would be expensive with any material besides brass. If the golden finish is a little too bright for your taste, you can try more of a muted color like satin brass.

When Phoenix flipping houses for profit, you should also consider room colors. This year, light colors are the best options. Pantone has announced that the color of the year
is Greenery, and as a result it has become a very popular color. If green doesn’t feel right, white and beige have become popular for a warmer and cleaner look. Or, if you want something more solid but neutral, Benjamin Moore has chosen Shadow as their color of the year.

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