Saturday, January 28, 2017

Flipping Houses in AZ: What Can You Not Fix?

Flipping Houses in AZ
Flipping Houses in AZ
While Flipping houses in AZ, the home flipper usually buys a house that is pretty run down. This is the expectation, but it can be a very unpleasant surprise when the investor discovers that part of the fixer-upper cannot actually be fixed as easily as they thought. This could cost thousands and get you closer to that point of not making a profit. As an investor, it is important to watch out for those signs that signal a hard repair versus an easy one.

A major surprise can be structural issues. More specifically, many problems can occur along the foundation. While most are minor to moderate and definitely repairable, before you decide on purchasing the home it is important to know the extent of the issues. Hiring a structural engineer to look at the lower level problems is a great choice because if you purchase a house with a poor foundation it can affect both the cost of the fixing process and the ability of the house to sell.

Flipping Houses in AZ
Flipping Houses in AZ
Another issue you may come across is asbestos. While it is ever rarer every year and shouldn’t be an issue, ensure that asbestos will not be something you have to deal with. Not only is it dangerous, but it could be found in a myriad of locations in the house. It will save you many headaches to simply check this box off and ensure it won’t be a problem.

Checking the roof is something that can easily be overlooked. However, roof repair can get expensive quickly. Do a brief check and make sure there isn’t anything that is obviously damaged. Sometimes shingles are even missing. If there are any signs of leakage, it is important not to i

gnore it.

Flipping houses in AZ can be extremely profitable, but it is important to watch out for these, and other, big repairs. It is often worth it to invest more in professionals that help you avoid costs than to risk having to pay excessively to fix foreseeable issues.

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