Friday, October 21, 2016

Building Phoenix Real Estate Business Plan Flip Houses With Flipping Females

If you're looking to develop your Phoenix real estate business plan flip houses, here is a great opportunity.  Flipping Females is a part of the Matrix Real Estate Investor Network and they are here to help women get a jump on the house flipping market here in Phoenix, Arizona.  The team wants to make sure that more women are have the chance and the knowledge they need to make a confident move into the business of flipping houses.

The team is led by Vanessa Guizar, Catherine Bell, Elizabeth Hooley, and Celina Acosta, who have the vision of reaching out and providing mentoring for women seeking to get started.  Flipping Females are all about the people and helping them.

There are a few different ways you can get in touch with or follow the Flipping Females.  You can find their Facebook page, Flipping Females, and check out their work there.  They post great videos on renovations as well as updates to what they are up to.  Follow them to keep updated on all their latest content, including news on upcoming and recent events.

The Flipping Females also host events.  This week they had a photo shoot and meet and greet to help celebrate and support breast cancer awareness month.  Reporters and journalists had the chance to meet and talk with the girls and get to know their story.  Other events are open to a wider audience and are a great chance to learn about flipping houses in Phoenix.

The Flipping Females also have a spot on the Matrix Real Estate Investor Network website, where they offer seminars to help women build a Phoenix real estate business plan flip houses and to meet and connect with contractors and others they will need to have success in the business.  If you are interested, look the Flipping Females up on Facebook or to learn more.

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